danferrell – this is about me

This is the short version of the story of danferrell, the longer version will be here at some point in the future.

  • I am from a small suburb to the west of Detroit.
  • I am an Eagle Scout
  • I enjoy spending as much time outdoors and away from technology as possible.  Backpacking, hiking, back country camping and canoeing.
  • I attended the University of Michigan for a few years and then graduated
  • I attend as many Michigan Football games as possible, I have had season tickets for 22 years.
  • I started into the Master’s Program at the University of Michigan, this I did not finish.  (But, I would like to go back and complete this one day)
  • I owned several small business ventures.
  • I currently am living near Charlottesville, Virginia and working in Charlottesville
  • I met my wife in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • I will update my resume and post it online before the end of October.